Couples Counseling

Being part of a committed couple can be one of life's most satisfying experiences. Intimate relationships can also be where we come up against - and work out - our most deeply-rooted psychological issues. Learning how to sustain that loving connection through the good times and the hard times is what couples counselors are good at.

In real life, the magic of early romance and the "highs" of falling in love are inevitably countered by the realities of trying to reconcile the needs, desires, and expectations of two different people. Success in a partnership relies on some measure of shared interests and values, honest communication, and a commitment to prioritize and nurture the relationship.

When there are problems in any of these areas, tensions can mount and unresolved issues can leave one feeling unappreciated and misunderstood. When we don't pay attention to the early signs of distress, chronic feelings of disappointment, "stuckness", and resentment may come to dominate the relationship.

Through the power of emotional honesty and clear communication, differences can be addressed and trust can be re-established in a way that clarifies the needs and potential of the relationship. By moving past avoidance and reactivity, there can be a renewed sense of intimacy and love that is rooted in mutual respect and a shared vision for the future.

Most often the work requires a commitment to weekly or bi-weekly sessions in order to make a significant impact on entrenched dynamics. In my experience, longer sessions (75 minutes) provide the necessary space for each person to express themselves and for the process to shift into a deeper zone where transformation is possible.

I look forward to speaking and meeting to see if working together could be part of fortifying your connection and improving your communication.