Lucie Tetrault, LMFT - InSight Psychotherapy
It takes a certain kind of courage - and perhaps a leap of faith - to reach out to a stranger for emotional support. In the two+ decades since I began my training as a therapist, I have witnessed many times how therapy can be a potent catalyst for transforming people's lives. When you are willing to look within and share your suffering and challenges with a sympathetic listener, you are already on the road to healing.

Most people who are considering seeing a therapist are grappling with a recent loss, a big life transition or some kind of challenge that is hard to face alone. Perhaps you have been suffering from depression, or chronic anxiety, or maybe you are confused about a big decision you have to make. Or maybe your are wanting to reconnect with parts of yourself that have been neglected for too long.

Whatever your issues and concerns, my goal is to help you express yourself and to better understand the complex nature of what is troubling you. I am a careful and empathic listener who asks good questions and is committed to helping you connect with your truth. By identifying patterns in your life and looking closely at the dynamics in your relationships, the process of weekly therapy can help you sort things out and gain clarity about your choices.

I welcome your call or email as a way to begin a conversation about working together.